2023 Bookings

"Everyone does their best to make sure you feel welcome, supported and feel that you have experienced something valuable and magical.”

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The rooms have been separated into groups to help guide your decision. Will you come with three like minded friends and share the Cabal rooms, or choose a four poster bed fit for royalty?

Announced events are:

29th March - The Locksmiths Dream
1st April - The Locksmiths Dream Masked Ball

Please note: ticket prices are per person, and are based on two people sharing a room.

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Locksmiths Dream - The Masked Ball

On April the 1st you are cordially invited to step into the Demimonde,  an enchanting 1920's masked ball to be held at Treowen manor.

In the House of the Sun, there will be dance lessons from the Wheelock's family dance instructor; the noted Ms Corbett. In the House of the moon, when masks are worn, there will be dancing and who knows what secrets may be revealed by a masked partner.

Join us for the first of our fabulous new experiences in the world of The Locksmith's Dream. Mysteries, puzzles, gourmet cuisine and secrets by candlelight and music.


£800 per person (based on two people sharing)


£700 per person (based on two people sharing)


£600 per person (based on two people sharing)


£500 per person (based on four people sharing)