Sounds interesting, tell me more!

We want to cre­ate expe­ri­ences that delight and defy easy cat­e­gori­sa­tion. To cap­ture that spark of joy you get when you make a connection!

Our first event ‘The Lock­smith’s Dream’ is a genre-defy­ing overnight expe­ri­ence. It isn’t quite immer­sive the­atre, an exclu­sive bou­tique hotel, a deca­dent restau­rant and bar, or an escape room. It is a overnight curat­ed expe­ri­ence as a guest in a his­toric house full of intrigue and delights.

Don’t just take our word for it though! You can read what jour­nal­ists and pre­vi­ous guests have had to say HERE.

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Who are all these people?

We’ve had a lot of peo­ple involved in mak­ing The Lock­smith’s Dream a suc­cess, here are some of the peo­ple who are cur­rent­ly involved:

Ivan Car­ić (Man­age­ment, Writ­ing, Design), Lau­ra Lan­gr­ish (Per­former, Writ­ing, Design), Emi­ly Card­ing (Per­former), Jade Par­son­age (Per­former), Dan Osbalde­ston (Per­former), Rik Sow­den (Per­former), Ben Reid (Sound design), Mar­i­anne Wilber­force (Per­former, Props), Kirsty Arch (Back­stage, Props), Sarah Bin­ney (Writ­ing, Design), Chris­t­ian Throw­er (Artist), Sam Pia Sulkin (Mod­els), Oliv­er Facey (Pho­tog­ra­phy), Dominic Zeal (Chef, Per­former), Bean Travis (Assis­tant Chef), Leo­ra Bermeis­ter (Video­g­ra­ph­er)

What events are you running in 2023?

We’ve got real­ly excit­ing plans for 2023, that we’ll share as soon they’re ready. We’re ini­tial­ly run­ning a Lock­smith’s Dream event in March and a Ball in April, as well as more events in May. Addi­tion­al­ly we will be run­ning events with a dif­fer­ent theme towards the end of the year. You’ll just have to sign up to our newslet­ter to find out what our plans are!

You can book your tick­et for our cur­rent 2023 events here.

Are there any option to pay in instalments for Locksmith’s Dream tickets?

Yes! You can break the pur­chase into two parts by pay­ing an ini­tial deposit of £600 which you can redeem against any future event. You can pay your deposit HERE.

What does ‘immersive experience’ mean?

‘Immer­sive’ is one of those words that is much mis­used. For the Lock­smith’s Dream, it means that the envi­ron­ment, the actors, the props, the sound, even the food is designed to deliv­er an all-encom­pass­ing expe­ri­ence. From the moment you enter the house, you should feel like you’ve been trans­port­ed to a place out of time.

You’ll have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to inter­act with the oth­er guests, the house­hold staff and mem­bers of the Sup­pres­sion Bureau while gath­er­ing clues. There is wide range of options avail­able to you, and you need only inter­act as much as you like – if you pre­fer to observe from the side­lines while sip­ping a deli­cious cock­tail in front of the fire, nobody will mind.

Do I have to dress for dinner?

Tre­owen is an aristro­crat­ic but infor­mal house. You’re wel­come to dress more for­mal­ly for din­ner which we would encour­age to make an occa­sion of it, but you’re not required to do so.

Can you meet my dietary requirements?

Absolute­ly. All meals and refresh­ments are pre­pared and served by the Chef of the house. We can accom­mo­date any and all dietary require­ments as long as we know about them in advance. Just let us know your needs when you book.

What’s this about having no locks on the doors?

Tre­owen is much as you would have found it when it was built in 1623. As such, there are no locks on inter­nal doors and we can­not install any because of the house­’s pro­tect­ed sta­tus. But guest and pub­lic areas will be clear­ly marked. Please be respect­ful of oth­er guests and do not enter their rooms unless they accom­pa­ny you in.

What is the accessibility like?

Tre­owen is a beau­ti­ful four-storey manor house that was built in 1623. The floors can be uneven and there are stairs to all of the guest bed­rooms. The Locksmith’s Dream is a site-spe­cif­ic event and because of the house’s 17th-cen­tu­ry pro­tect­ed sta­tus, it is sad­ly not pos­si­ble to facil­i­tate all the access needs we would like to. Guests in wheel­chairs or with oth­er sig­nif­i­cant mobil­i­ty issues will not be able to access the major­i­ty of the build­ing, and will be lim­it­ed in their abil­i­ty to par­tic­i­pate in the full event. We hope to run the Locksmith’s Dream in oth­er more acces­si­ble loca­tions in future.

The Locksmith’s Dream also uses scent and sound as part of the expe­ri­ence. It may not be suit­able for guests with med­ical con­di­tions affect­ing the sens­es of smell, vision, or hear­ing, par­tic­u­lar­ly asth­ma, mul­ti­ple chem­i­cal sen­si­tiv­i­ty, or oth­er res­pi­ra­to­ry conditions.

If you have any ques­tions we would be very hap­py to dis­cuss them with you. Please email [email protected] to dis­cuss your indi­vid­ual needs.

Can my children attend?

Sor­ry! The Locksmith’s Dream is an over-18s event.

What should I wear?

Sen­si­ble shoes. The floors of Tre­owen are old and uneven and heels or elab­o­rate shoes could trip you up as you move around the house. There are also exten­sive grounds (lakes, woods, orchards and gen­tly slop­ing grassy hills) around the house you may choose to explore. If you do, we’ll pro­vide umbrel­las in inclement weather.

How can I get to the house?

The address is Tre­owen, Wonas­tow, Mon­mouth, NP25 4DL, and you can also find it on What3Words using trapdoor.arrow.icebergs. It’s a 30 minute car jour­ney from the train sta­tion at New­port, or a 50 minute ride from Bris­tol. If you’re arriv­ing by car, there is plen­ty of park­ing avail­able at the house.

What time should I arrive?

Around mid­day. Lun­cheon will be served at 1PM.

What should I do if I’m going to be late?

Don’t pan­ic. Let us know on the phone num­ber pro­vid­ed when you book, and we’ll make sure that some­one is there to greet you when you arrive. The Chef will also ensure a warm wel­come will be wait­ing for you.