The Locksmith’s Dream is, above all else, the most thor­ough­ly immer­sive event I’ve ever attend­ed. What could you pos­si­bly com­pare it with? … there real­ly is noth­ing else like this.

No Prosce­ni­um

The Locksmith’s Dream is a one of a kind and crit­i­cal­ly acclaimed series of lux­u­ry immer­sive overnight experiences.

Step into a 17th Cen­tu­ry manor house seem­ing­ly trapped in the 1920s. 

Unrav­el its nar­ra­tive mys­ter­ies, solve puz­zles and enjoy the unique atmos­phere of the house and its grounds. Join fel­low guests in sift­ing through the his­to­ry of the house and its pre­vi­ous inhab­i­tants, sup­port­ed by the curi­ous staff who seem deeply con­nect­ed to the house. Dine by can­dle­light in opu­lent oak-clad halls and as night falls, don your unique mask to wan­der in the strange­ness of ‘The House of the Moon’.

… for those who are will­ing to step out­side the tedi­um of mod­ern life and engage with the mys­ti­cal and the mag­i­cal, to sus­pend dis­be­lief and be ful­ly immersed, it will be an unfor­get­table, bewil­der­ing, intox­i­cat­ing dream come true.

The Escape Roomer


The Lock­smiths Dream is an inde­pen­dent work and is not affil­i­at­ed with Weath­er Fac­to­ry Ltd, Secret His­to­ries or any relat­ed offi­cial con­tent. It is pub­lished under Weath­er Factory’s Sixth His­to­ry Com­mu­ni­ty Licence.