“The Locksmith’s Dream is, above all else, the most thoroughly immersive event I’ve ever attended … there really is nothing else like this.”  Ellery Weil

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The Locksmith’s Dream is a series of genre-defy­ing, immer­sive overnight expe­ri­ences filled with nar­ra­tive delights and mag­i­cal puz­zles. It takes place in Mon­mouthshire, UK, south of the ancient town of Mon­mouth (Trefyn­wy).

Step into a 17th Cen­tu­ry manor house seem­ing­ly trapped in the 1920s. Unrav­el the nar­ra­tive mys­ter­ies, solve puz­zles and enjoy the unique atmos­phere of the house and its grounds.

Join fel­low guests in sift­ing through the his­to­ry of the house and pre­vi­ous inhab­i­tants, sup­port­ed by the curi­ous staff who seem deeply con­nect­ed to the prop­er­ty. Dine by can­dle­light in opu­lent oak-clad halls and as night falls, don your unique mask to wan­der in the strange­ness of ‘The House of the Moon’.

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Join this unique immer­sive expe­ri­ence and explore an untouched cor­ner of the invis­i­ble world. It’s an overnight expe­ri­ence with fine din­ing in a 17th-cen­tu­ry Grade I‑listed manor house in the bosky hin­ter­lands between Eng­land and Wales, offer­ing the quin­tes­sen­tial British aris­to­crat­ic expe­ri­ence with a delight­ful twist.

A curated experience as a guest in a historic house full of intrigue and delights…

Uncov­er secret pasts. Unlock mys­ter­ies. Explore the grounds. Dine in oak-clad halls. Swap secrets with strangers. And, as night falls, don your unique mask for the occasion.