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Read why No Proscenium’s Ellery Weil described The Locksmith’s Dream as:

“…above all else, the most thoroughly immersive event I’ve ever attended–and I’m not inexperienced in immersive events.”

“The attention to detail over the course of the weekend was legitimately extraordinary.”

“What could you possibly compare it with? What escape room has you staying overnight in a remote manor house? What country hotel getaway comes with its own haunted storyline? What mystery dinner party is dozens of mysteries wrapped into one setting? 

However you look at The Locksmith’s Dream, there really is nothing else like this.”

Find out what some of our previous delighted guests have to say on our Facebook page.

“There is something for everyone — more than something in fact. A basket full of variety and surprises that will shock and surprise.”

“Well done to everyone involved, do book to be a part of it to everyone on the fence, it is well worth the price!”

“An exquisite venture into an engrossing setting. Everything was delightful, especially the banquet and the *acting*! Cannot wait to see what new experiences the crew serves up.”

“treat the experience simply as an indulgent weekend break, enjoying delicious food and drink and soaking up the ambience.

In summary — it’s good. It’s very, *very* good.”

Listen to Dave and Ian talk about their incredible experiences at The Locksmith’s Dream!

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Here are some of the comments from our guests who attended our first event in 2022!

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Here are a selec­tion of mag­i­cal pho­tographs of the Lock­smith’s Dream events.