Each guest stays in a unique and char­ac­ter­ful room, with a per­son­al spon­sor and mask for the evening’s activ­i­ties. There are 10 rooms to choose from (includ­ing one which is actu­al­ly 2 joined rooms which is for 4 peo­ple). Your room pro­vides a per­sona for the dura­tion of your stay and goals you may (or may not) wish to ful­fil. It helps directs your expe­ri­ence, guide your search and makes sense of your choic­es through­out your time in the house.

The rooms vary from aris­to­crat­ic bed­cham­bers with four-poster beds to open-plan shared quar­ters for groups of friends or fam­i­ly. Will you stay with three like-mind­ed asso­ciates in a Cabal room, or relax in opu­lent quar­ters fit for royalty?

You can book your room of choice here. Please note tick­et prices are for two peo­ple shar­ing a room (Except the cabal room which is for 4) A curi­ous fea­ture of Tre­owen is that none of the rooms have locks. Guest rooms are clear­ly marked, and may only be entered when accom­pa­nied by their resident.

Floor key

Each room includes:

  • The full expe­ri­ence for 2 (or 4 guests)
  • A per­sona, a mask, a spon­sor and clues to get you started
  • A per­son­al, hand-bound, Locksmith’s Dream jour­nal to chron­i­cle your journey
  • Incred­i­ble views of beau­ti­ful Mon­mouthshire countryside
  • A small sur­prise wait­ing for you